Available Dogs

Boc’s Evander ARRIVING SAT, MARCH 23rd


 “Evander” ( Oct 29, 2014) is a 58 pound black and white female. Her sire is Flying Penske and her dam is Boc’s C Kate Run. She ran 174 races at the Sanford-Orlando and Naples-Ft. Myers tracks. She ran out of the Goodman Kennel. She is not cat friendly but fine with 10 pound dogs. She is extremely friendly and outgoing. She walks good on a leash and loves everyone. She could be an only dog with no problem. She is excellent in the house. She sleeps on a dog bed, not in a crate.   Vander is being fostered in Lexington and will soon be attending meet and greets. If you would like to meet her before then, please let us know and we can make that happen! 

Movin Comet ARRIVING SAT. MARCH 23rd


 “Comet” (Aug 2, 2014) is a handsome 74 pound black male who ran 146 races at the Sanford-Orlando, Ebro, Naples-Ft.Myers and Wheeling Downs tracks. Not cat friendly. Not sure yet about small dogs. He is quiet, a touch reserved, but mostly calm and laid-back. He broke a back leg about 8 weeks ago. Did not require surgery. Was casted up for 6 weeks. He is walking on it with no issues whatsoever. Looks really good. He raced out of the Celtic Hounds Kennel. Comet is heading to the Louisville DJJ Program on March 29th. He will be there until he graduates in late May. If you would like to meet him while he is there, please let us know. We will set that up for you!

JT’s El Camino ("Mino")


 “Camino” or “Mino”  ( Jun 26, 2015 ) as she is called, is a beautiful 64 lb fawn female. She is a little reserved until she gets to know you. She ran 109 races at the Sanford-Orlando and Valley tracks. Her sire is KC and All and her dam is JB’s Powerplan. She is out of the Celtic Hounds Kennel.   Mino is heading to the Morehead DJJ Program on March 28th. If you would like to meet her while she is there, just let us know. We can make that happen!

Oshkosh Europe ("Oshkosh")


Oshkosh is a 9 year old brood mom who just arrived. She is very sweet.  “Koshi” as her foster mom calls her, is being fostered in Nicholasville. It has been determined that she is not cat safe and we are not positive yet about small dogs! She is definitely a “velcro” dog and follows her foster mom everywhere! 

JT's No Surprise ("Surprise") ADOPTION PENDING


Surprise is a 1.5 year old black male. 72 lbs. Ran 4 races at the Sanford-Orlando track. Did not want to race. Has not been tested with  cats or small animals. Cautious until he gets to know you.  Surprise is heading to Morehead on March 28th to enter the DJJ Program there. He already has a home waiting for him when he graduates in late May!



Spieth, called “Petey” is a 3 year old brindle and white male. He ran 90 races at the Valley, Naples/Ft. Myers, Flagler, and Sanford Orlando tracks. Spieth is a very sweet boy who is a little “spooky”. He needs to be in a home with an experienced greyhound owner and with a more confident greyhound. 

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Gold Coast "Garie"

Gold Coast

Gold Coast, also called “Garie” is a four-year-old brindle male. He ran 20 races at the Southland track.  Garie graduated from the Morehead DJJ Program on March 21st and is now in a foster home in Lexington. He will soon be making his debut at meet and greets! If you would like to meet him before then, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will try to make that happen!

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SG’s Bob Uecker


 Bob Uecker is a 75 pound three-year-old fawn male. He ran 70 races at Palm Beach, Wheeling Downs, Orange Park, and Southland tracks.  Uecker graduated from the Morehead DJJ Program on March 21st and headed to Louisville to participate in the DJJ Program there. One of his handlers at Morehead is also headed to the Louisville Program! If you would like to meet Uecker while he is in Louisville, just reach out to us! We can make that happen! 

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