Available Dogs

Movin Comet


Comit  (Aug 2, 2014) is a handsome 74 pound black male who ran 146 races at the Sanford-Orlando, Ebro, Naples-Ft.Myers and Wheeling Downs tracks. Not cat friendly. Not sure yet about small dogs. He is quiet, a touch reserved, but mostly calm and laid-back. He raced out of the Celtic Hounds Kennel. 

Old English “Surge”


Surge is a white and red brindle male. No weight listed, but he is a big strong boy! Out of Lonesome Cry and Ediola. BD: 10/4/16. Ran 22 races at Southland. Did not pass his cat test at the track kennel but we will test him again later. Does fine with small fluffy dogs! Would not hold still long enough for a good picture! Enters the Morehead DJJ program on 8/22

PJ Highwayrobery “Shamus” ADOPTION PENDING!


Shamus  is a black 74 lb male out of DJays Octane and Boc’s Sweeney. BD: 12/1/15. Ran 88 races at Southland, winning 13. Passed his cat test at the track kennel and does fine with small dogs. He is a little camera shy! Enters the Morehead DJJon 8/22

Palm City "Taylor" ADOPTION PENDING!


(7/17/17). 62 lb. brindle female. Very energetic. Loves everyone! Ran 22 races at Palm Beach and Sanford-Orlando out of the Goodman Kennel.  

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