Greys that found furever.


Adopted by Johathan C. & family.

Lexington, KY 

January 2018 

Now called "Dash"

In the Midst

Adopted by Lenzi D & family.

Lexington, KY

January 2018

Now called "Goat"


Adopted by Heather L. & family.

Sadieville, KY

February 2018

Hey Ethal

Adopted by Anna G. and family

Fruitland, MD

March 2018

Now called "River"

UMR Paycheck "Frodo"

Adopted by Charlotte R. and family.

Glasgow, KY

March 2018


Adopted by Sarah and David N. 

Frankfort, KY

April 2018

PJ Drink On It

Adopted by Peg C.

Georgetown, KY

May 2018